The following is an overview of an ArcLife Installs project. During this process our customers become a valued member of our team, whose involvement greatly influences their completed system.

1. Statement of Work

After an initial conversation we ask our customers to sign a Statement of Work. This shows us you are ready to proceed and have some fun working with us in creating your new system.

2. Owner Operator (Lifestyles) Interview

This is a crucial phase of the project, the more information we recieve from you during this phase, the greater our options are prior to designing your system. This is where we determine how you use your space and which products and services would best help you utilize your space. Do you like to curl up with a good book by your favorite window? Perhaps you throw on a pair of sweatpants and dance around to the music filling every room. Either way we have you covered. Do you find yourself working from home often? We are great at customizing home offices resulting in a space you won't mind spending so much time in.

3. 15% of Estimated Project required

Once we've completed our information gathering activites a 15% deposit of the estimated project total is required. This commitment secures an installation date as well as the start of design documentation.

4. System Architecture & Design Phase

Now our team begins to develop a system specific to your situation. Depending on the type of project this may include different types of documentation. For new builds we can work with your architect to add an additional automation layer to your existing architecture plans. During renovation/retro installations we create our own documentation provided to you upon completion.

5. Owner Operator Approval

Here we review our project details with you. During this conversation we work on the details of the system and fine tune the programming options. This is a good stage in the process to request any additional components or programming options.

6. 50% of Quoted Project Required upon Acceptance

Following your approval 50% of the quoted project total is required to finalize parts lists and complete the ordering of your new systems components, accessories and wiring. At the end of this phase all documentation is completed and schedules are finalized for installation services.

7. Pre-Wire Rough-In Phase

During this phase physical work begins on your building. Wires are run and the site is prepped for installation of your systems various components. During new builds and renovation projects this work is best completed prior to completion of the drywall.

8. 35% of Product total Required prior to delivery

Prior to the system components arriving on-site, 40% of the product total is required. Once received, product will be installed and wired into your building. At the end of this phase all physical components of your system will be installed and ready for programming/configuration.

9. Programming & Testing Phase

This is one of our favorite steps in the process, where the information you provided us earlier on in the process is translated into programming scenes, allowing your system to compliment your life. This is a crucial step to ensure the system is understandable by all users. At home, the kids need to know how to turn the TV on! At work, your staff should have no issues connecting to the projector in your new boardroom. We enjoy creating productive work spaces offering the latest in networking and connectivity options.

10. Final Inspection & Sign-off

Here we walk you through the entire system from top to bottom, covering the physical installation as well as a learning session to ensure you understand how to fully explore your new space.

11. Project Balance Due

The final balance due covers any additional options that were added during the project. It is not uncommon for customers to add additional elements to a system once they begin to understand what is possible. We try to remain flexible during our project process to allow for these additions.