Q: What can I control?

A: A modern automation system has almost endless options when referring to the modules available for monitoring different aspects of your structure.  Currently sensors are available for occupancy (the system knows whether someone is in a particular room),  water bugs (a sensor used to detect water, works well under a hot-water tank or a dishwasher),  glass-break sensors (a small microphone mounted in a room that can detect the frequency created when glass is broken).

Q: How much will this cost me?

A: Our projects vary much like the skills of our team.  We can assist our clients in finding that perfect pair of headphones to smooth out that challenging morning commute to completing a 20,000 sq-ft custom automation system from design to realization (this would cost slightly more than the headphones).  Our best quick advice here?  Give some thought to what you would like to accomplish with your project then come chat with us.  Are you looking to monitor your power consumption for a business?  Perhaps that room downstairs filled with boxes would make a wonderful listening escape for that dusty vinyl collection. 

Q: How long does it take to get my system? 

A: Our projects are custom,  this includes the creativity of our designs and programming as well as the components we recommend for your project.  Once we've architected a system some of the components will have to be ordered.  7-14 days is standard from our suppliers.  We have wire in stock and can begin pre-wire activities as soon as an installation appointment becomes available (2 weeks out from customer sign-off).

Q: How do I get started? 

A: You have already taken the first step.  Do your research, spend time thinking about how you use your space and what you would like it to do for you.  Then, contact us.