Our story

ArcLife Installs Inc was founded in 2012 in Calgary, AB Canada to fill a growing demand for a higher level of customer engagement during custom automation projects.  With a customer first focus and a straightforward project process, ArcLife has gained a loyal following of customers throughout western Canada.  ArcLife values our customer relationships and maintains high service standards well after the initial project completion.


ArcLife Installs is driven by a dedicated team of trained professionals whose primary focus is enhancing the quality of both the personal and professional lives of our valued customers. Our team shares a common passion for technology and is driven by a vision of seamless interaction between our users and their systems.

our work

What are we talking about when we speak of automation?  Our projects focus on the low voltage devices, wiring and related programming for your building or outdoor space.  

Some features of an ArcLife Installs automation system may include:

  • Consultation and Design
    • Most of our projects require detailed planning to ensure a successful implementation.  This includes time spent with you, our customer,  to determine your requirements and wishes.  Spending time with us throughout the project ensures we will be able to customize your new system to exacting specifications.
  • Network Solutions
    • A reliable and responsive automation system requires a dedicated network to properly function.  ArcLife Installs considers networking a primary focus and has a network specialist on staff. It is essential to design and size a network to provide complete coverage and secure access throughout your entire location for both wired and wireless devices.  We find this is the most commonly over-looked component of a system which can result in numerous communication issues.
  • Lighting / HVAC Control
    • Our automation systems provide our customers cost savings on their utilities.  Lighting control plays an integral role in eliminating unwanted power consumption.  With the ability to program schedules which utilize  low wattage, long life LED bulbs we are able to improve the efficiency of your structure while increasing the reliability and quality of the light provided in each space.
  • High Definition Surveillance
    • We have a full range of security and monitoring solutions available including outdoor all-weather cameras (yes, we have models that are compatible with Canadian weather!). These high definition cameras can be connected back to a digital or network video recorder.  Numerous sensors are available to extend the functionality of these systems including:
      • Water Bugs - positioned under sinks, hot water tanks, and boilers to let you know when a leak has occurred.
      • Glass Break - positioned in a room with windows to detect glass breaking.
      • Motion Detection - placed in strategic locations to monitor entry, exits or zone movements.
      • Smoke / Carbon Monoxide - these detectors can be programmed into your system to notify emergency personnel to a potentially hazardous situation.
  • Audio/Video
    • The most common components of a system.  This category includes various video output screens such as LCD televisions, back-lit mirror LCD's, and projectors and related screens (we offer both fixed and motorized).  Audio components include different speaker types including floor standing, book shelf, in-wall, in-ceiling and invisible installation options (hidden behind your drywall).
  • Installation
    • ArcLife Installs provides full installation services for all of our designed systems. Have a design from another company?  We'd be more than happy to take a look at it with you to confirm you are heading in the right direction.  Should additional sub-contractors be required to complete your project, ArcLife maintains a list of preferred partners to assist with all aspects of completion.